Gardens Revisited – Six Months On

Its always difficult to see from plans and even the early stages of garden design and plating, what the end result is really going to look like. A lot of it is down to your own imagination; what will the plants look like in bloom, how much cover will they give and what will the overall affect be? Continue reading

Landscape Design – Full Implementation


One of the older Moonhole houses required a full Landscape Design and Implementation. The project was split into two phases, Phase One included a full landscape design for the gardens surrounding the main house, pool and patio areas, with dry stone walls being placed where necessary and all areas fully planted. The scope of the design was to incorporate as much year round colour as possible while using the majority of locally sourced plants to give it an authentic look and feel. Phase Two was to build an extension to the house and gardens, which is planned for the future. Plans for Phase One were drawn up adn agreed with the owner:

The next step was to clear the ground, ready for the garden design to be implemented:

And then the walls were added, steps and planting areas laid out and the design begin to takes shape. Once the layout is established, the planting starts. The images below are a selection of pictures taken shortly after the original planting was completed.

To see how the garden developed after six months, click here.

Landscape Design : Re-design and plant up


A full garden re-design project to transform the area from a wasteland into a beautiful garden that the owners would enjoy using on a daily basis.

The gardens had not been looked after over the previous months so it was agreed to clear the entire area and start from scratch.

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