“We were and are impressed by Ms. Lulley’s responsible and professional attitude and work habits. She walked my wife and I through the steps necessary to first design and then plant a magnificent garden. The garden, along with ornamental stone work was completed on time and on budget . The results were spectacular and still stand out seven years later. Our house is one of the most photographed spots on Bequia because of the beauty and design of Ms. Lulley’s garden. The bottom line is that I can give Michelle Lulley the highest recommendation possible.”

Jim Coleman, Lower Bay, Bequia

“I was working with Michelle for two seasons on urban landscape installations and maintenance in New York City. Michelle is a very creative and responsible person, who was always on time and ready to work. She had a positive attitude towards her colleagues and clients. She handled her job well, weather as a team member, team leader, or in the office. I would highly recommend her as a perfect candidate to handle any garden services, including design, installation, and maintenance. “

Vladimir Orlovsky, Master Gardener, Designer, and owner of Garden Angels NY

“I have met Michelle in 2006 while studying landscape design at the New York Botanical Garden. After a few classes together, our relationship evolved from colleagues to close acquaintances. Michelle is a warm person, friendly, laid back and easy going, qualities that are a must for a landscape designer.

My recommendation is to hire Michelle because she is going to design your dream garden. She is not just going to add the plants from the master plan. Michelle is going to communicate with you at every step, every change (I know for sure that changes will be made because I have been in this field for more than 10 years), she is going to fulfill your needs regarding this project. You will be pleased with the garden, and pleased to work with such a beautiful human being.”

Poliana Danila, Landscape Designer


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